How to Merge 2 Facebook Accounts

Ever so often people ask us How to Merge 2 Facebook Accounts or more Facebook accounts. Now do not obtain your hopes up! The truth is, it is not feasible to immediately merge Facebook accounts. Nonetheless, there are workarounds.

While Facebook does not use a way to auto-merge all your friends, pictures, status updates, check-ins or various other information, you can by hand merge parts of your accounts. All it takes is a little preparation as well as persistence. Sadly, you won't be able to move or re-create all of your Data.

How to Merge 2 Facebook Accounts

Mass Download Data

As a first step I suggest to bulk download your Facebook Data, a treatment I have explained formerly. This procedure can take some time as well as the archive will function as a marginal back-up, ought to you make a decision to shut off or erase your account. It won't be of fantastic assistance in recovering any type of Data, however.

Quickly, most likely to your General Account Settings and click Download a copy of your Facebook Data near the bottom.

This will lead you to a web page where you can download your info and get a duplicate of exactly what you have actually shared on Facebook.

Now do begin your archive on this initial web page. Furthermore discover where it states You could likewise Download an increased archive ... as well as click the corresponding web link. This will direct you to the Expanded Archive Download page where you will certainly be asked to re-enter your password.

Now here is where you will certainly require perseverance. Relying on just how huge your main as well as your increased archive are as well as the number of other archives are in the line up, this could spend some time. And with that said I suggest a few hrs.

Keep in mind that you must Download both archives, to get a full backup of your account!

Once your archive is offered for download, this is what the page will certainly look like.

Although your personal photos are expected to be included in the archive, you ought to download your Facebook Photos independently. Not only is this treatment one more backup, it is additionally a whole lot faster and may provide you with even more options.

Restore Friends

As discussed over, you will not have the ability to Restore or move all your Data and that includes your friends. You should manually add friends to your brand-new account. Regrettably, it is not possible export your Facebook friends to a third party account then re-import them to a new Facebook account.

Nonetheless, you can import contacts from third party accounts such as Skype or Gmail. So if you have contact information of the majority of your friends on accounts outside of Facebook, you could take a little shortcut. Go to your brand-new Facebook account and also import calls from any kind of supported third party account (CSV files are likewise supported) using the Discover Friends web page.

While you can export your Facebook contacts to Yahoo! Mail, it is not be feasible to re-import them to Facebook. As well as get in touches with imported from Facebook will definitely not be included in a Yahoo! CSV data.

I composed a separate post on ways to back up your Facebook calls. Note that only contact info of friends who have actually agreed to have their email address included in info downloads can be imported right into your Yahoo! account.

Restore Account Data

Below comes the huge letdown. There is no way to upload or otherwise import your archive to Restore or transfer Data from your old Facebook account to your brand-new one. Whatever you wish to Restore, you need to do it (semi-) manually or use 3rd party devices. Now, the archive simply serves as an individual backup, nothing even more.

So exactly what are your choices? You could re-add your old friends as shown over, re-upload photos you downloaded from your old account, re-tag your friends in your images, re-join groups you belonged to, re-add Facebook applications, by hand re-do all your personal Settings, consisting of basic account and also privacy Settings, e.g. safeguard your Facebook account, add trusted contacts, or hide your personal Settings. I want I had excellent news, however as I stated previously, you can not auto-merge two accounts or Restore Data, so you essentially start from scratch.

What You Will certainly Shed

You will certainly shed a whole lot! Your entire Timeline as well as News Feed history will be gone, including posts or images you were marked in, areas you looked into, all the Sorts you issued or got, or groups you belonged to, all your account and privacy Settings, and other documents you built up over time. Your images and friends are really all you can take with you, everything else has to be re-created manually.

Shut off or Close Your Old Facebook Account.

If you decide to shut down or close your old Facebook account, make sure to include your new account as an admin to any type of Teams or Pages you take care of. Otherwise you will certainly lose access to them.

As soon as you have taken care of admin duties, have downloaded all your Data, and make sure you intend to totally remove your account, log into the Facebook account you want to shut, as well as check out the Delete My Account web page to start the procedure. We have actually previously described How To Appropriately Shut Your Facebook Account.

Final thought

Facebook permits you to Download an archive of your account. Nevertheless, there is no matching system in position to recover your Data, ought to the account obtain endangered. Facebook never ever meant to provide a recover attribute; instead they were lawfully required to provide a method for customers to download their Data. Therefore, individuals are entrusted only half-baked services or unpleasant workarounds, ought to they desire to merge or relocate accounts.

Exactly what would certainly bother you most if you needed to relocate to a new Facebook account?