How to Change Facebook Page Url

Considering that most of us understand just how much Facebook likes to fine-tune as well as upgrade its platform, it's feasible that you 'd like to alter some setups on your Facebook Web page yet those settings are not where you remember them being! In addition to that, there are plenty of times when you attempt to make the changes and also get a mistake or the switches are greyed out. How To Change Facebook Page Url: This article likewise outlines the problems you might encounter as well as possible solutions.

I have actually been asked a number of times very recently regarding transforming web page link, so that implies it's time for a blog post!

How To Change Facebook Page Url

Steps To Take Before You Change Your Username

Your username develops the actual distinct link for your Facebook web page. Prior to you change this, make a checklist of all of the places online that link to your web page, or materials that have your existing LINK provided on them. For instance:

-your website
-blog posts
-email signature
-other social media networks
-email templates
-business cards
-brochures, posters, marketing materials
-document templates

When you transform your username, the old link will be broken. As for I know, there is no other way to set up a temporary redirect from your old username to your brand-new one so you intend to make certain that you are prepared to upgrade these things as soon as you change your username.

How To Change Your Username

When your page is developed, a username is immediately produced that appears like Not really eye-catching, not extremely easy to keep in mind, not extremely simple to fit on a calling card!

Formerly, admins can only alter a web page username 2 times and then it was irreversible - Facebook appears to have lifted that restriction!

From your page, go to Around (on the left sidebar).

Click Edit close to Username.

Type your new username. You have 50 personalities.
- Pointer: despite the fact that usernames are not case delicate, take into consideration exploiting the first letter of each word for better readability

If your username is available, check the spelling

Click Create Username

Referral the checklist you made formerly as well as update any links that are pointing to your old address


There may be something in your name that breaks the custom-made username guidelines. From the Facebook assistance facility:

-You can just have one username for your Web page or account as well as you can not claim a username another person is currently making use of.
-Usernames can just have alphanumeric personalities (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (".").
-Durations (".") as well as capitalization do not count as a part of a username. As an example, johnsmith55, John.Smith55 and john.smith.55 are all taken into consideration the very same username.
-Usernames should be at least 5 personalities long as well as can't include common terms or expansions (ex:. com,. net).
-You need to be an admin to create or change the username for a Page.
-Your username need to adhere to the Facebook Declaration of Civil Liberties and also Obligations.

Furthermore, you may not be able to alter your username till your web page has 25 sort - although this isn't really consistent for every individual.