Change Email Id On Facebook

Change Email Id On Facebook ~ When you develop a Facebook account, you could enter a contact e-mail address to obtain notifications. If you not utilize the email address that you went into when you produced your account, you could switch it for an additional one at any time.

Change Email Id On Facebook

Changing your Facebook e-mail is easy, and also you can do it from your computer or your mobile phone.

How You Can Change Email Linked to Facebook

Log in to Facebook, click the triangular on top right, and also select Settings. Under General Account Settings, click Contact > Add another email address or mobile number:

Enter your new email address in the New Email field, and click Add:

Select it as your main address, as well as click Save Changes.

N.B. You will receive a verification email at the brand-new address you have actually added. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to visit to Facebook with your new address up until you open the email that has been sent out to you as well as validate the Change.

If you have more than one email address related to your account, the alerts will be obtained at the one that you have selected as the key address on the General Account Settings page.