See Friendship On Facebook

Doesn't it thrill us when we go into the flash back of good old memories of time invested with our loved good friends, those amusing chats, helpful talks and meaningless gossips? It certainly does delight us. See Friendship On Facebook, As we now a live an active social life on Facebook there are lots of such things which would bring that wonderful smile back on our face. Facebook does help you relive those wonderful minutes and cherish those memories.

In late 2010, Facebook introduced a new function "Relationship Pages". Relationship pages contains the wall posts you exchanged, comments, photos, videos you were tagged together, events you participated in, etc.

See Friendship On Facebook

You can see a friendship page of yourself and among your buddies (presuming privacy settings allows it). You can see the choice of "see friendship" at upper best corner of your pal's wall.

Listed below you can see the friendship page of me and one of my good friends, Satyajeet.

What i like about this function is that it humanizes your social experience. You would be thrilled to search through your year old remarks, posts, and so on. The pages show your relationship with that person. You can see an introduction of your relationship with him/her or search through individual material such as wall posts, pictures, events, remarks, likes you share (fan pages), mutual friends.

Some of the beautiful benefits of this feature are that:.

- you do not have to scroll miles down to see posts which you and your buddy exchanged.
- you can mildly judge your compatibility based upon "Likes" you share.
- you can trace back your first discussion via wall posts.

Similarly you can likewise search through friendship of two of your other good friends alternative on the top right corner (assuming that their personal privacy settings permit so).

Just recently I attended our MMS Alumni meet 2011 and was thrilled to meet old mates. We clicked a lot of pictures together and have uploaded it on Facebook. So now next time when I miss those individuals and those fantastic minutes spent I am just going to "see friendship" with them and get sentimental.

Thus the article See Friendship On Facebook thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.