Poke In Facebook

Poke In Facebook - Poking is a common activity that lets you communicate with buddies on Facebook. It is provided for a broad variety of factors, from simply stating hey there to calling the attention of a pal who does not react to your messages. Here's a tutorial on the best ways to poke somebody on Facebook.

Poke In Facebook

1. Go to your pal's timeline.

2. On the leading right corner of their timeline, click the gear icon.

3. From the dropdown menu, click Poke.

Things You Had To Know:

1. You might just poke your friends on your Facebook contact list.

2. When you poke somebody, the user will be able to see a poke icon with your name next to it when you're visited to Facebook.

3. The user might also get a notification when you poke him or her.

4. Only the user you poke can see that you poked them.

5. When you get rid of a poke from your homepage, you can't recover it. Although you have the option to poke them back.

6. The user can poke you once again when you get rid of a poke.

7. There is a Poke app on Facebook for iPhone. In addition to your messages, pictures, and videos, you might send a poke to a buddy or numerous pals at the same time. Go to this link to discover more about the app https://www.facebook.com/help/397568030328686/

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