How to View Hidden Messages On Facebook

How To View Hidden Messages On Facebook - When a complete stranger on Facebook sends you a message, you do not generally get an alert the way you would with messages from pals. As a result, I've been totally unaware of messages from brand-new individuals. However there's in fact a simple (though unintuitive) way to access your concealed messages. The majority of the time, these messages aren't crucial. However every every now and then, there's a message you need or wish to check out. Here's how to see concealed Facebook messages on iPhone.

How To View Hidden Messages On Facebook

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How to View Hidden Facebook Messages on iPhone

- Open the Facebook Messenger app.
- Navigate to People on the bottom menu.
- Then choose Message Requests.

- Here, you'll see Filtered Requests, along with Suggested Contacts. Tap Show All underneath Filtered Demands.

You'll most likely see a lot of messages from people that you do not know, and some of them may even be spam. If you see a message from somebody that you know, however that doesn't take place to be your Facebook friend, just tap the checkmark beside their name to authorize the message and begin getting alerts when they call you.

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