How to Tag someone In Facebook Post

How To Tag Someone In Facebook Post - Do you wish that your buddies be discussed on a post or picture you wish to submit or have published to Facebook? Then, relax and go through this short article as you will discover how to do that with ease here.

This article is uniquely developed to teach you how to your pal on Facebook post, picture or video. Meanwhile, prior to we get down to service here, let's clear the air and inform you exactly what it indicates to tag a good friend on Facebook.

How To Tag Someone In Facebook Post

Tagging good friends on Facebook merely indicates to mention their names (i.e Facebook usernames) on a post or image either while publishing or after uploading them to Facebook. While this is not a difficult job to finish on Facebook social media network, we discovered that a lot users still discover it a bit challenging to do.

If you're among these category of people that need to know the best ways to tag your good friends on Facebook post and picture, you're on the ideal websites to get it right. I hope this article will help you.

The best ways to Tag Your Friends On Facebook Post/Photo While Posting.

In this area, we shall see how to tag your good friends on Facebook post/photo/video while you're still publishing them to Facebook. Endeavor to likewise check out the best ways to tag a pal( s) on a post or photo after submitting them. Let's get going!

1. Login to your Facebook account with your legitimate information.

2. Then, tap on the box that has 'Exactly what's on your mind' on the home screen to post your text or photo/video.

3. Kindly write the text you want to post on the big box or tap on the 'Photo/Video' link there to submit files from your gadget.

4. When you're all set, tap on the 'Tag Buddies' link on the field there to start including pals.

5. Then, type the names of the individuals you desire to tag to the post o the long box one after the other. After typing their first name, pick the list of pals suggested for you by Facebook and continue.

6. Right before you hit on Post after your friends, make certain the buddies there are people you actually desire to include. Then, tap on the 'Post' button listed below the field to complete the actions. That's all!

7. The good friends you tagged on the post will be alerted by Facebook by themselves account, so that they understand they have actually been tagged by you on a post or image.

How To Tag Your Buddies On Facebook Post/Photo After Posting.

Here we going to see the best ways to still tag your buddies on Facebook posts and images after posting them. See how it works listed below.

1. Select the post or picture you want to tag your friend to from your timeline.

2. Tag on the 3 dotted lines link at the top right corner of the page, then, choose 'Tag Buddies' from the alternatives that appears next. See image listed below.

3. Then, start including your friends by examining the little box next to each buddy on the pop-up window. If the buddy's name you wish to add do not appear on the list there, utilize the search bar on top to look for the pal using his/her name.

4. Afterwards, tap on the 'Submit' button listed below the page to complete the actions there. That's all!

Keep in mind: that some people do not like being tagged on posts or pictures that do not have anything to do with them. So, only tag people in your image or have something to really make with your post to prevent humiliation.

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