How to Delete All Facebook Messages

How To Delete All Facebook Messages - Do you online typically and chat with good friends in Facebook? I make sure that your inbox would be numerous, whereas the content are not important Actually, Facebook message can affect the message page efficiency. The more message kept, the more slower your facebook when you wish to open message.

However if you want to remove them manually, it will take a lot of time. The effort can be said as impractical too. If you click on cross indication on right-below, simply like the image below, it appears like erased, right?

How To Delete All Facebook Messages

But that would just concealed the message and make it into archive, because, if send out new message or chat, all message will return as previously. The fact is, how to eliminate message is, open message from one pal, then click Actions and select Delete Massage .

Then there would be Erase All and Erase Selected buttons. Select Erase All button if you desire to eliminate all messages, but if you simply wish to remove some message, you simply have to tick on small box in the left side of removed message, then choose Erase Chosen button, then the message chosen would be erased completely.

However, it simply eliminated one message from your pals. Exactly what about erasing all messages from your friends quickly?

Facebook Quick Delete Messages is chrome extension to remove all messages simply by one click only. First, open this link and click "+ contribute to chrome" button to install it in chrome.

Now everytime you opened message, there would be a button: "Erase All" on upper side which worked to erase all messages. As well as little cross indication (x) with red color on the best side of message to erase all message from one friend only.

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