How to Connect Instagram to Facebook Page

If you're a business that has both, a Facebook page and Instagram profile, you most likely already had problem with linking the two. How To Connect Instagram To Facebook Page, Photos published on Instagram normally carry out fantastic on Facebook page as well but setting up a connection is a huge pain lots of companies have. Here's how you do it in 4 simple actions.

How To Connect Instagram To Facebook Page

1. Make certain you're gotten in touch with the best Instagram account

If your company has it's own Instagram profile, make sure you're logged in with that account, not with your personal. Then click on settings.

2. Inspect which accounts are connected to Instagram.

You do that with selecting "linked accounts" under settings.

3. Connect your personal Facebook profile with Instagram.

If you haven't done that already, connect your individual Facebook profile with your Instagram profile. That'll enable Instagram to inspect which Facebook pages are linked to your Facebook profile.

4. Change Facebook share setting from individual profile to Facebook Page.

By default Instagram sets your individual Facebook profile as the primary posting account. You'll need to change that by picking Facebook once again and change the "Share to" option from "Timeline" to the Facebook page where you want your Instagram images to appear if shared on Facebook.

That wasn't so hard, was it? It's the little things that can make an excellent effect. So go ahead, make a connection now and post your very first Instagram photo on your Facebook page. Users love seeing Instagram photos in their Facebook feed. Do it now and start seeing outcomes as soon as possible.

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