Hide Photos On Facebook

I always say ask and you shall receive and a good friend of mine postured this question to me on Facebook just last night: "How can I conceal my Pal List on my profile?" Others ask me, "Why would I want to conceal my Facebook Buddy List from "Everyone" or perhaps from my other buddies." Hide Photos On Facebook

Well, to some Facebook has rapidly yet another place for spammers to pirate e-mail addresses and "harvest" good friends.

If you've been utilizing Facebook for any length of time you most likely understand what I mean. You accept a pal request from someone that you have a few good friends in common with, and the next thing you understand you have 200 friends in common with them. These are the folks that send you a good friend demand hoping you'll accept so they can then access your good friend list and send all your pals Facebook Good friend Welcomes.

Others who use their Facebook profile for personal reasons just, want to conceal their friend list to secure their friends from getting bombarded with good friend requests from their other buddies.

Hide Photos On Facebook

1. Click your name in top right corner
2. Click "Friends" at the top

3. Click the pencil image to "Handle".

4. Click "Edit Personal Privacy".

5. Modify "Good friend List" section by choosing from the fall menu.

If you have timeline (which I assume you have):.

1. Go to your profile.
2. Click your good friends list.

3. Click on Edit.

4. In the popup, click the icon from the right-- in this case the globe, but you may have a various icon, like good friends.

5. Select Just me (or whatever other option you desire).

Is this what you are looking for?

1. Go to your profile and click Edit in the top right corner.
2. From the menu in the left column, click Buddies and Relationships.
3. Go to the Pals section and utilize the audience selector on the ideal side to manage who can see your pals.

Such articles Hide Photos On Facebook from my thank you for visiting hope can help you.