How to Post Gifs On Facebook

Facebook has now begun supporting & playing GIFs animations, however the GIFs don't move if published straight to the Facebook site. There's a particular simple technique which needs to be practiced to ensure that your GIFs always stimulate on Facebook-- So here's a small tutorial on how you can Include or Upload & Post animated GIFs on Facebook PC & mobile Site along with Facebook Mobile App for Android & iPhone-iPad (iOS). This approach even lets you post GIFs as Facebook status upgrade, or in comments, or in Private Messaging too! How To Post Gifs On Facebook.

How To Post Gifs On Facebook

1. Getting the Direct URL of GIF from another host, That is publishing GIF on some other server and copying its Direct Link.

2. Pasting the Direct Link of GIF into the Facebook Text Window (Status/ Remark/ Messaging) and Posting it! That's it! (You have successfully added an animated GIF on Facebook-- Now let's take a look onto each action in information).


- A GIF You can utilize the existing GIFs or you can even produce a new one utilizing the respective approaches--.

Developing GIF on Android-- Use Graphica App for Android. Graphica even lets you produce GIFs using frames, and has an inbuilt direct facebook share alternative which you can straight use to share Andimated GIFs on Facebook.

Create a GIF on iPhone-- Follow this linked tutorial to Create & View GIFs on iPhone (Uploading GIFs to facebook will require some additonal approaches).


- Now, considering you have your GIF files all set, First off Upload the GIF files to an image-hosting site which supports hotlinking, (for e.g You can use, to publish your GIFs and get the direct links. for example in our tutorial we will be using as our image host.

- Browse to and Publish your Existing GIF by drag and droping your GIFs onto the upload Window as revealed in the below image--.

Now it will begin uploading your GIF onto the Giphy server. Now you need to accept their Terms of Service and then click on the "Upload GIFs" button.--.

Now once you have submitted your GIF onto Giphy, it will pack a sneak peek window, Now scroll-down to the bottom of the GIF image sneak peek and select "Advanced" option.

- As soon as you choose "Advanced" option it will present you with different links, Now simply "Copy" "ctrl+ c" the GIF Download Link as displayed in the image below--.

Note-- Giphy does notes that Giphy links preview in Facebook & Twitter however Giphy Links do not animate by default and thus we are utilizing the GIF Download Links.

- Now, Open And Paste the GIF Download Link into the "Update Status" field, and wait until the preview loads as displayed in the image below--.

Note-- If the sneak peek doesn't load even if you pasted the

right link, Please refill the page and attempt again till the sneak peek appears. (If you're utilizing the Facebook mobile app-- The same approach looks for Facebook app as well, paste the direct link into Update Status field and work for the preview to load.

- Once the sneak peek is packed, Simply Click "Post" and voila! you will see the GIF is stimulating and moving, thus you have successfully published Animated GIFs on Facebook!

- Quick Pointer-- You can even eliminate the pasted link, when the sneak peek is filled so that nobody can think how you did it, If you face any problems while using this technique don't hesitate to comment.

We extremely recommend utilizing Graphica App for Android for posting the GIFs on Facebook, as it immediately does the complete job of producing GIF, submitting, and copy-pasting the URL for you, and besides it also supplies remarkable Frame Live GIFs choice so you can style your GIFs as well!

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