How to Link Twitter and Facebook

When you sync both the accounts, the tweets and retweets are automatically posted on your FB profile or page to which you are linked. But, How To Link Twitter And Facebook, the replies and direct messages will not be posted to FB.

This conserves a great deal of time and assists you to stay active on both the social networking websites. Let's begin.

How To Link Twitter And Facebook

Actions 1

- Log into your Twitter account.
- Click on "Profile" icon at the leading and choose Settings.
- Select Apps > Connect to Facebook.

- If you are not already login with Facebook, you'll be prompted to offer login credentials.
- Press OK in the next coming screens which belong to the info and privacy settings.

If you don't want the retweets to be posted on the FB profile, then deselect the first choice and that's all.

That's it. From now on, the tweets will be published to your Facebook profile.

It will not be published to your FB page. If you desire to link your Twitter account to the Facebook profile alone, then you are done.

Connect Twitter to Facebook Page.

In case, if you wish to connect twitter to Facebook page and not to your FB profile, you have to do additional steps:.

- Navigate to Apps.
- Uncheck the 2nd choice [post to my Facebook profile] and click enable publishing to among your pages.
- Press OK to offer consent.
- Select the page from the fall list below the alternative "post to my Facebook page".
- Now the choice "post to my Facebook page" got enabled instantly and the tweets and retweets will be posted on your FB page.

If you don't desire the retweets to be posted on the FB page, then deselect the first option and that's all.

Link Twitter with Facebook Profile and Facebook Page.

If you want to connect twitter with both FB profile and page, then you have to do the following steps:.

Follow the above steps and choose all the options [see screenshot]

That's it. Now, the Twitter account is connected to your FB profile and page.

My Suggestion:.

Simply publish a tweet and make certain that you see the exact same update on FB.

Steps to Detach Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to disconnect both the networks, then follow the listed below steps:.

- Navigate to Apps.
- Click on "Disconnect" button.
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