Adding Video to Facebook

Adding Video To Facebook | You may see a difference in the quality of picture and videos you publish to Facebook. By default, Facebook will optimize the photos and videos you submit to minimize the size of it.

Hence, whenever you upload your images and videos, you may see the distinction in between the actual quality and the one on your facebook. Want to Know Ways to submit HD video to facebook? and HD photos to facebook?

You can upload High-resolution photos and videos to Facebook by allowing an easy option. Facebook has actually allowed this choice long back and still may people uninformed about this alternative. Since this choice is not allowed by default, so you have to allow it by hand.

In this guide, I have actually noted the complete steps on how to publish the HD pictures and videos to facebook from your Desktop, Android, and iPhone.

Keep in mind that this alternative likewise does not publish the optimal quality of your image. The optimum top quality image is around 2048 pixel wide. The quality of the upload will be high and hence you might see a difference in quality when compared with your previous uploads.

Adding Video To Facebook


1. To make sure your videos are high quality, aim to include high-definition (HD) videos.
2. Make your video much shorter.
3. Make the file size smaller sized. Keep in mind that the length and size of your video might impact its quality.
4. Upload and feel the distinction.

Note: Videos must be much shorter than 120 minutes. The size of the file need to be 4 GB or less.

How To Submit HD Photos to Facebook from Desktop:.


1. Open the browser and browse to facebook.
2. To submit greater quality pictures, check the High-Quality box when you develop an album on Facebook.

If you're using the Facebook app for iPhone or Android, you can select to always upload photos in HD from your account settings. Follow the below steps.

Ways To Make It Possible For Upload HD Photos and Videos in Facebook Android App:.

1. Open the Facebook App on your android gadget.
2. From your News Feed, tap Menu button.
3. Now Scroll down and tap App Settings.
4. Now make it possible for Upload Photos and Videos in HD choice.

The best ways to Make It Possible For Upload HD Photos and Videos in Facebook iOS App:.

1. Open Facebook App on your iOS gadget.
2. Now Tap More at the bottom of the screen.
3. Scroll down and tap Settings, then choose Account Settings.
4. Now Tap Videos and Pictures, then enable the HD alternative for Videos and Photos.

Start uploading HD images and videos to your facebook account. That's all we can tell about Adding Video To Facebook may be useful and thank you.