How to Post Youtube Videos On Facebook

How To Post Youtube Videos On Facebook - On Facebook pages and walls of individual profiles I had currently seen YouTube videos that you can play on the wall with one click. I want to do this, but how? After some searching I discovered how to do this. It is basic however difficult to find. So I am sharing this with you.

So you wish to share a YouTube video without uploading it to Facebook?
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How To Post Youtube Videos On Facebook

Action 1. Copy the link of the YouTube video you desire individuals to play in Facebook
You are on a website and you see a video that you wish to share on your Facebook page.

1. Click on the button listed below the video with the arrow that is pointing up.

2. Click on the button that appeared simply above the button you just clicked. The video will be reduced in size and 2 links will appear. The top one is the embed code and the bottom one is the link to the video. This is the link you need.

3. Click the link, it will select the whole link and copy the link with Ctrl-C (Win) or cmd-C (Apple).

If the button with the little arrow is not visible, don't worry. Click the video. This will open a brand-new tab in your web browser with the video on YouTube and you can follow the steps below.

If you want to share a video on Facebook that you are seeing on YouTube you follow the steps in this image.

1. Click the 'Share' button below the video.

2. Click the link, it will select the entire link and copy the link with Ctrl-C (Win) or cmd-C (Apple).

Step 2. Paste Link on Facebook.
Now, you go to your Facebook page so you can make an upgrade with the video.
Cick on the 'Link' button.

Paste the link and click 'Connect'.

Action 3. Add an individual message to your video.
Select the image that fits best with the video and your context and if necessary change the text.

You can alter the text by clicking it and begin typing. Conserve your new text with 'Go into' when you are done.

Add an individualized text, i.e. why do you feel this video is fascinating for your target market.
And Click 'Share'.

Step 4. Done.
There is no step 4. You're done and the video can be played in Facebook:.

Enjoy sharing YouTube videos in Facebook.

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Ways To Embed YouTube Video Players on Facebook.

1.  Go to the YouTube page of a video you want to embed (link in Resources). Click "Pause" if you do not want to view the video while embedding it on Facebook.

2. Click "Share" to view the video's sharing choices. A list of social networks logo designs are displayed next to the video's page link. Click the "Facebook" logo to embed the video on your Facebook wall. You are triggered to check in to your account and validate your choice. Click "Share" to embed the video gamer on your wall. Visitors to your Facebook page can play the video from its embedded location or switch to fullscreen mode using the playback controls.

3. Click the page link inside the text box under Share This Video to select the link, then press "Ctrl-C" to copy the text. Optionally, pause the video at your preferred starting point and choose the "Start At" option prior to copying the link. After embedding the video, it plays from the chosen starting point, although viewers can watch the video from the start by clicking the seek bar.

4. See Facebook and sign in to your account (link in Resources). Click inside the new post box and press "Ctrl-V" to paste the YouTube video link into a brand-new post. Include any details you want to the post, such as a description of the video, and click "Post." The post appears at the top of your Facebook page, and a still image from the YouTube video is noticeable within the post.

Click the image to open the YouTube video gamer inside the post. The video immediately starts playing from your selected beginning point, and you can use the ingrained playback controls to alter the video resolution, switch to fullscreen mode or view the video on YouTube.


Post a YouTube video on a buddy's Facebook page utilizing the same approach. Check out a good friend's page, paste the video link in a new post box and click "Post.".

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