How to Clear Facebook Search History

Not only the Google however also the Facebook keeps a record of whatever you search on it. The search terms get kept into your Facebook account which are only noticeable for you as the privacy settings for the search history is set to 'Only me' by default.How To Clear Facebook Search History, If your Facebook account is rather older then you might have a great deal of search terms stored at your account and if you wish to delete the Facebook Search History for whatever the factor or if you merely want to summarize your previous searches, here is ways to do it.

How To Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook keeps all the search records kept under the Activity Log. So, log into your Facebook account and click on your profile name from the top-right corner. At your Facebook profile page, you can see the "Activity Log" button. Click on it.

Here, at the activity log page, you can search and evaluate your past activities with your Facebook account. You can erase each activity individually from this page by clicking the 'Delete' icon with each entry. If you desire to handle just the search terms that you used in Facebook search, expand the sidebar by clicking on the 'MORE' link and discover the 'Browse' alternative. Click it.


The page appears with your entire search history. Here, you can evaluate all your previous searches one-by-one and erase them individually if you want. If you wish to delete them in a whole then click on the 'Clear search' link from the top-right corner.

All the search histories will be eliminated from your account. Ought to you note that as soon as you clear the Facebook Browse History, you can never restore them.


The search history in Facebook does not appear openly. It shows up only to the account holder. However it appears that Facebook is keeping a track on your interests quietly so that they can utilize the information to serve suitable advertisements to the users. Though Google supplies the alternative to search independently, Facebook does not. If you do not want to revile your mind to the Facebook advertisement network, erase the history routinely from your account. Thus the article How To Clear Facebook Search History thank you visiting from me hopefully can help you.