How Do I Cancel My Facebook Account

How Do I Cancel My Facebook Account - I'm ill of the never-ending personal privacy changes at Facebook, annoyed that I have in good faith got in a lots of information about myself and my social circles, simply to have them constantly tweak and fiddle things so that they can get more visibility and make more money, all while compromising my personal privacy. Exactly what's up with that, Zuckerberg?? I'm done. How can I cancel, erase, erase, axe, eliminate my account?

How Do I Cancel My Facebook Account

I can absolutely have compassion with you. It's the only website I understand where I have to go through the privacy settings and make sure things have not "evolved" to leave my info, connections and information more exposed to either online search engine spiders or the general public than I want. Actually, it's pretty extremely lame on their part in a society where individuals grumble all the time about loss of privacy in the digital world.
That's another topic, however, I suppose.:-.

If you make certain that you do desire to delete your Facebook account then here's how you do that.
Are you sure that's exactly what you wish to do, nevertheless, instead of just going into the privacy settings and minimizing your direct exposure?
Okay, fine. Here are the steps ...
Go to "Account Settings":.

When your there, scroll down and at the bottom you'll discover:.

Click on the "deactivate" link on the right and you'll see an extensive list of reasons you might desire to leave. They're gathering information, obviously:.

Seems like your problem is about privacy, so if you select "I have a privacy concern" you'll discover a little editorial commentary from the Facebook group:.

A bit lower down you can likewise define that individuals sending you buddy welcomes (etc) will or won't trouble you:.

Once again, I 'd say you must believe thoroughly before you examine this alternative, however if you really wish to never have Facebook darken your email doorstep again, this is how to do it.
In any case, click on "Deactivate My Account" if you're sure that's exactly what you wish to do. Now it's time to go through the onslaught, starting with your password once again (simply in case somebody sees you visited and decides it 'd be a fantastic practical joke to erase your account):.

Remembered your password? Excellent. Now prove you're not a robot:.

This CAPTCHA needs the words "Society" "darneder" (whatever that means). Enter those correctly and click on "Submit".

Success! The account is formally shut down, eliminated, deleted and ... um, simply a sec. As you can see from the text above, Facebook doesn't appear to erase your details, simply deactivate the account. I'm guessing that's not what you desire, however it's the very best you can do.

By the method, a few minutes later you'll get an email from Facebook about your shut off Facebook account:.

So now you understand. That's the very best you can do, and it does effectively shut down your Facebook account and avoid anybody else from using your email address in the future.

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