How Do I Add An Admin to My Facebook Page

More and more business are using Facebook fan pages every day. And, as Facebook expands more business are working with professional web designers to administer their pages. How Do I Add An Admin To My Facebook Page, Rather than offering out your private login details, you'll want to by hand add your designer as an administrator to your page. In this post we will look at manually including an administrator to your Facebook Fan Page. Prior to you begin you ought to make certain you have included your designer as a good friend on Facebook

How Do I Add An Admin To My Facebook Page

Step one: Log in to Facebook.

Step two: Type the name of your page into the search box in the upper part of the page (the name need to appear as you are typing). Click your page's name to be required to your page's wall.

Action three: When on the wall of your fan page, you ought to see your profile photo plus 4 links straight listed below your profile image. The first link says "Edit Page". Click this connect to be required to your Facebook Page's choices page.

Step 4: Once you are on the Options Page you will see a number of wider boxes on the left side of the content area, a number of smaller sized boxes to the right of these, and finally facebook advertisements on the far best beyond the content location. The smaller boxes in the content area need to be named "News for Page Admins", "Promote your Page", "Admins", "Aid with Your Page", and "Promote with Facebook Badge". In the "Admins" box you must see your photo. On the same line as the word "Admins" is a link which states "Add". Click this link.

Action 5: At this moment a box need to pop up in the middle of the page which lists your good friends. Select your web designer from your list of friends and click the button on the bottom of the box which says "Include Admins". Congratulations! You have actually simply taken the primary step in upgrading your Facebook page.

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