Blocked On Facebook

Blocked On Facebook - While you may be distressed that a contact unexpectedly vanished from your Facebook friends list, that disappearance does not constantly imply that the user obstructed you. Inspect whether a previous good friend obstructed you by visiting her profile after logging out of your account.

Blocked On Facebook

Action 1

Enter your previous good friend's name in the Facebook search bar and inspect whether you can discover her profile. Additionally, if you understand her username, go to her profile page by going to, replacing X with the contact's username.

Step 2

If you can discover or access her profile, the contact either is still your good friend or simply decided to unfriend you without blocking you.

Step 3

On the other hand, if you can not find her in the search results or if her profile page shows a Sorry, This Page Is Not Offered message, that individual has obstructed you, received an account ban from Facebook or decided to delete her account.

Action 4

Launch an alternate browser or log out of your Facebook account in your present browser. Go to Google and enter Jane Doe Chicago website: in the search box, replacing Jane Doe with the user's name and Chicago with her actual hometown. Select her profile from the search engine result.

Step 5

If you have the ability to see your friend's profile, the user picked to block you. Alternatively, if you see a Sorry, This Page Is Not Readily available message when visiting your friend's page while being logged out of your account, your pal either decided to delete her account or received an account restriction or suspension from Facebook.

Effects of Being Blocked.

Being blocked by a contact on Facebook prevents you from:.

- Sending her a friend demand.
- Visiting her profile.
- Sending her messages.
- Tagging her in photos.
- Sending her invitations to groups or occasions.

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